Alexander Ambrose is a Flemish Artist who was in his early years a componist working with the Theater. He was known for his word-compositions of the choirs in the Greek Drama’s.

The word-compositions created a new level of musical-theatrical renewing. On that subject he was teaching at the Conservatory of Brussels at the age of 23.

Later on his musical work became solely compositional improvisations at the piano. He developed atonal tone-scales in which those improvisations took place.

Confronting himself with the distance he created with the mainstream he decided to serve in an other way the spiritual in society.
He became a baker for 14 years, and he was a reforming curative educator for an other 14 years.

In his latest periode he is visual artist.

Inspired by the work of many artists, his work is developing along his personal philosophical findings according to the relations between the individual spectator and art. In general one could say he is an abstract-expressionist.

He grounded ‘the Cardboard Gallery’ together with his friend Matias Serra Delmar and is thinker of the ‘Anesthetics.

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